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Privacy is very important to us.To offer our services in terms of public announcements, informing our listeners and merchandising of the band "Liquid Air" we have to collect personal data on our website. This page describes what data we collect and how we use it.

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What data is collected

We collect personal data using the the contact form or the Newsletter Registration Form . There we collect the mail adress (and possibly the provided message) of the person sending the message or subscribing to the newsletter. 

We also use technically required data for spam protection of our contact form. This includes data that is used to check the authenticity of a person. To ensure that we do not use personal data we use the service FriendlyCaptcha - a captcha solution that does not collect personal information. Click on the link to see their privacy policy. 

We provide additional so called embedded elements (like Spotify-Previews or YouTube-Previews) on our webpage that may collect user related data. To be able to use these embedded elements the user must unlock each element and accept the attached privacy policy on its own. Without consent ("unlocking") no data is collected.

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Why do we need your data?

We require personal data to be able to respond to the messages sent within the contact form and for our newsletter. Without your mail adress and the attached message we cannot respond to our dear fans, and without a mail address we can't send any newsletters.

In case of embedded Elements (see above) data is used to allow usage of the external services. (e.g. like YouTube or Spotify).

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When is data be deleted?

Collected data is only stored as long as it is required for the concern. How long this is in special is up to us. However, you can assume thatwe store your contact details only as long until the project/request is done and we do not see the necessity of further contact. This means we store your data one year after request completion unless you want us to keep your contact details longer. Of course you can also send us a request for data deletion. In this case we will delete your data immediately.

Stored mail addresses that are used for the newsletter delivery are generally stored as long as the subscriber does not unsubscribe. Using this method our subscribers can subscribe as long as they want. After last deregistration or in case the mail address was not verified we delete the mail address after a few months without activity. Within these few months the subscriber can redecide to reactivate the mail address.

Please note:To unsubscribe from the newsletter it may be required to have access to the mail address in order to verify the deregistration. If you do not have access to your mail account please contact us.

You can find further information regarding data storage of third parties of embedded elements in the privacy policy at the appropriate element .

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How is data stored?

Collected data will be stored on the server of our website providers "World4You". More information is available: here. Our provider promises high security standards and low loss probability.

You can find further information regarding data storage of third parties of embedded elements in the privacy policy at the appropriate element. .

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how is data processed?

After collecting personal information using the contact form we use the information to respond. Depending on the message we use parts of the message to organise or be able to respond. Data "processing" in that way is done using the mail tool of the world4you provider (stated above) and talking "face to face" with the band members.

E-Mail addresses that are received for newsletter subscription are used only for delivering newsletters. We do not process them further or supply them to any third-parties. 

Please note:Data collected using the contact form in the message field shall only contain appropriate content. We reserve the right of deleting inappropriate messages immediately to assure your privacy.

You can find further information regarding data processing of third parties of embedded elements in the privacy policy at the appropriate element.

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are cookies used?

Yes, but only technically required cookies. According to EU law users are not prompted with a cookie banner, as this is only required for non-technical cookies. Cookies used on this page (e.g.) are used for showing a gig-calendar or allowing the captcha service (and so on).

You can find further information regarding cookies of third parties of embedded elements in the privacy policy at the appropriate element.

I still have questions..

We respond to privacy related requests very fast. Use the official contact form or our social media channels to contact us.